Fall 2015
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The Importance of Giving Feedback

Whom Should You Contact?

Contact the Justice Department if you experience problems with VRS calls being received by businesses and commercial entities, such as health care professionals, banks, financial institutions, transportation services or other entities that are required to have public accommodations. The Department of Justice Comment Line can be reached by calling 202-353-1555. Correspondence to the department may be sent to:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Contact Video Relay Service (VRS) providers to try to resolve technical problems with placing VRS calls.

You can read the FCC Report and Order and FNPRM by visiting

Contact the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if you:

  • Suspect waste, fraud or abuse of VRS calls
  • Are dissatisfied with a providers' service or products after you have first attempted to contact the provider
  • Experience poor interoperability with other providers
  • Are not able to leave video mail messages
  • Have not received adequate information from providers in the forms of marketing, advertising or promotions
  • Experience “slamming” – that is, you did not give permission to a provider to port your VRS service to their business
  • Feel pressured to port your phone number to another provider
  • Are dissatisfied with the quality of a communication assistant's interpretation after having a discussion with a VRS provider
  • Have insufficient data or are not able to pay for an internet connection, which is required for VRS calls
  • Do not understand specific rules and policies that have direct impact on you, a VRS consumer

Giving Feedback About Interpreters
One way to support interpreters who do an outstanding job or suggesting changes for those who do not is to provide feedback directly to VRS providers.  Don't hesitate to compliment interpreters who provide an optimal VRS experience.  You can submit complaints about interpreters who are less than professional by contacting VRS providers' customer service departments.  Here is contact information for all six VRS providers

ASL Services
Ph: 407-518-7900

Ph: 866-353-7268

VP: 510-629-5622
Email: [email protected]

Purple Communications
Ph: 877-885-3172

Sorenson Communications
Ph: 801-386-8500
Email: [email protected]

Ph: 800-216-9293

Get Involved

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