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November 3, 2011

Keep track of news about VRS

There have been many filings and proceedings posted on the FCC website on TRS/VRS lately. Here are links to keep track of the latest news on FCC/VRS issues and filings from VRS companies as well as individuals. this takes you to the FCC's page of TRS/VRS headlines. Checking this page is a good way to keep up to date with what's happening in TRS/VRS.

To view the latest filing/proceedings on 03-123, visit

To view the latest filing/proceedings for 10-51, visit

Save these pages as "Favorites" on your computer so you can check back occasionally for updates on the latest happenings with FCC/VRS rules and regulations that may affect your VRS service. We encourage you to file your comments/complaints/suggestions with the FCC on VRS issues. Without your input, the FCC and VRS will decide on what it thinks is the best service provided to consumers. This is your opportunity to be involved in decisions made by the FCC that will impact the quality of your VRS service in the future. BE INVOLVED�GIVE YOUR INPUT TO FCC.

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