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October 26, 2009

Deadline Extended to Choose Your Default Provider

The deadline for Video Relay Service (VRS) and IP Relay users to choose a “default” provider was extended by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to November 12, 2009.

This means if you have not yet chosen a “default” provider, you need to do so. Beginning Nov. 13, 2009, your VRS and IP Relay calls (other than 911 calls) will not be completed and your hearing callers will no longer be able to reach you by calling your proxy number. Here�s how to select a “default� provider: Simply choose a VRS and/or IP Relay provider and register with that provider. This provider becomes your initial “default” provider and will assign you a 10-digit number. You may register with any provider you choose, regardless of any relationship you may have had with another VRS or IP Relay provider in the past, and whether the equipment you use was obtained from another provider. In addition, you can change default providers at any time and still keep your new 10-digit number. You will want to give out these new 10-digit numbers to your hearing contacts so they can call you using VRS, IP Relay, or both.

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