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FCC Filings
Comments from FCC Chairman, Commisioners and VRS Providers

"Given the huge positive impact VRS has had on the lives of so many Americans, I anticipate that its growth will only continue."
"...The Commission's work [is] to ensure that all Americans have full access to communications and emergency services."

- Chairman Kevin Martin

" hope to do as much as possible to keep all Americans connected to vital information, whether in everyday life or in an emergency."
"...Requiring interoperability will help foster competition by encouraging new providers to offer this service."

- Commissioner Deborah Tate

" The Americans with Disabilities Act charges the Commission with doing everything we can to ensure that people with disabilities have access to functionally equivalent services."
"Functional equivalency...means an equal right to access the tools they need to contribute to our communities, participate in our economy and ensure that their talents and energies have a fighting chance to reach their full potential."

- Commissioner Michael Copps

"...It is not surprising that VRS has been widely embraced by the Deaf and hard of hearing community, particularly given that VRS more vividly conveys emotions than raditional relay services. It opens a world of new communications opportunities for many..."
"I'm glad that we take another step toward ensuring that every person who is Deaf or hard of hearing will have access to a dial tone and the critical link to the rest of the world..."
"I look forward to working with my colleagues and with the hearing and speech impaired communities as we continue to work towards the ADA's enduring standard of accessibility and functional equivalency for all Americans."

- Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein

What VRS Providers are Saying:

"This plan is simpler, fairer, and more predictable than the ratemaking of years past." "Under this approach, a company can make investments to increase access because we will know what the ratemaking process will be in the years ahead."
- Bill Schwall, Director of CAC VRS

"This is a consensus plan, one that all the providers who have signed on agree will help achieve the most important goal, which remains increasing access to telecommunications services for the Deaf"
- Pat Nola, CEO of Sorenson Communications

"The price cap approach in this plan puts the incentives where they belong." "Providers have an incentive to be more efficient and at the same time to increase access to VRS and IP relay for more Deaf users."
- Richard L. Schatzberg, CEO of Snap Telecommunications, Inc.

"This plan will allow us to focus on our area of expertise which is to provide Deaf and hard of hearing people functional equivalency and full access to the nation's telecommunications network."
- Ronald Obray, founder of Hands On Video Relay Services (HOVRS)