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Penis pills are medications which are used in order to enlarge an undersized penis. But like all other medications and supplements it has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at how do they work and what are their pros and cons.

How do penis pills work

The function of these pills is to increase the blood circulation in the penis, thereby increasing the blood flow in the penis whenever an erection happens. This gradually increases the size of the penis. The only difference between penis pills and Viagra is, the effect of these pills is long term and unlike Viagra one does not need to take them before having intercourse.


The most important advantage of penis enlargement pills is privacy. If a person uses a penis extender and his partner finds it, the situation becomes really embarrassing and also disturbing. Herbal remedies on the other hand are much more useful in keeping secret whatever the person is doing. Besides, if there is a malfunction in a penis extender, it surely may create a problem. Besides surgery and other medical procedure may sometimes cause long term damage in the penis. However, no such problems are present in penis pills.


Although they may offer privacy, yet they are definitely not the best solution for an undersized penis. One should be careful from wherever they are buying the pills. These pills should only be bought from a reputed medical professional expert in sexual problems. Advertisements in the internet and other roadside leaflets should be avoided. They can permanently cause damage to the body and sometimes may even cause death. Some other disadvantages caused by using low quality penis pills are nausea or dizziness, ineffectiveness of pills on the size of the penis, shrinking of penis size once the user stops using them along with heart problems.