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“Given the huge positive impact VRS has had on
the lives of so many Americans, I anticipate
that its growth will only continue.
"...The Commission's work [is] to ensure that all Americans have full access to communications and emergency services.”

Kevin Martin
            FCC Chairman


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is Listening to You!

Based on the comments from Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing VRS users like you, the FCC has frozen the VRS rate for the short term. They have also decided to review the process of determining an adequate VRS rate.

The process of determining a fair VRS reimbursement rate is called rate methodology. Rate methodology will directly affect us as VRS customers.

If VRS is to be made available to more and more deaf and hard-hearing people, it is critical that the rate process be fair, simple, and predictable.  The rate process must encourage outreach to inform increasing numbers of people about VRS.  It must ensure that there is investment in new technology to improve VRS service.  It must support interpreter training programs so that there will be an adequate number of qualified interpreters for VRS.

Here is current information that will help you stay informed.

What You Can Do—Review the sections below and check back in early 2007.

Learn—Read Summaries of the Latest FCC Filings by VRS Providers, NAD, and TDI
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